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Concurrent Versions

Sometimes the text of a provision, or part of it, is substituted, but only in relation to part of its geographical extent. For example, in a section that extends to England, Wales and Scotland a substitution of words is made that applies only to Scotland.


In these circumstances new versions are made both for the jurisdiction to which the amendment applies (in this case, Scotland) and for the extent to which the provision still applies in its unamended state (in this case, England and  Wales).



Concurrent versions are only created where the amendment in question is a substitution so that there are different versions of the text for the different extents. Insertions and repeals of text do not give rise to concurrent versions.


These new versions are ‘concurrent’ in that they have the same start date and continue to run alongside one another. They are both treated as current versions and one or other (or both) versions may be produced on any given search depending on the search criteria. There may also be concurrent versions of higher levels of division, as for successive versions.


You will be alerted to the fact that concurrent versions exist in several ways:







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