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The 'Quick search' facility appears on the search bar towards the top of every page. If you want to find legislation based on title, year, number, type of legislation or a combination of these criteria, this is the fastest method to use.



A 'Quick search' always produces the most recent results, applicable to the widest possible geographical extent. This is because the facility deems that you have specified two additional search criteria: an “As at the date" of today’s date and an extent of "UK (Applicable to)". See Advanced search for details of these search criteria.


To perform a 'Quick search':


  1. Type the criteria you want to search on in the 'Title', 'Year' or 'Number' boxes, and choose a type of legislation from the drop-down list in the Legislation types box (if you don't want to search through all legislation).

    Note: The title information can be a partial title, and you can enter criteria for any single field or any combination of the fields. For further information, see Search Techniques.

  2. Click the 'Go' button.

    The titles of any documents that match your criteria are listed on a Matching legislation page.


Let's take a simple example to illustrate how a quick search works.


If you type civil defence in the 'Title' box, then click the 'Go' button, you get matching results on a 'Matching legislation' page


Notice that all items of legislation that have the words "civil defence" somewhere in the title are returned as results. If we had narrowed down the search by specifying a year of 2002, we would have just got the top two results. Similarly, if we had specified a number of 66 along with the "civil defence" title, we would have got just the third entry of the results shown above.



The search techniques available to you in the 'Quick search' fields are the same as those available in the corresponding fields in 'Advanced search'. See Search Techniques for further details.



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