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Using the Number field

When you perform a Quick search or an Advanced search you can specify the chapter number of the Act (or the equivalent number for other legislation types, such as the ‘S.I. number’ for a Statutory Instrument) that you want to look for in the ‘Number’ field. Type numeric values only in this field.


'Number' field on the Search bar and the Advanced search page


The search will return any items of legislation with this number that are within the selected ‘Legislation type’ criteria.


For example, you might perform an ‘Advanced search’ or a ‘Quick search’ with the criteria shown below, where the ‘Number’ field is set to 23:


Search bar with the 'Year' field set to 2003 and the 'Number' field set to 23



In this instance the Matching legislation page that SLD returns contains these results:


Results for a search with the 'Year' field set to 2003 and the 'Number' field set to 23



Note that if you want to search for a Northern Ireland Order in Council by the ‘N.I. series’ number, type that number in the ‘N.I. Series Number’ box that you get for an ‘Advanced search’.  For example, you could find the Order in Council S.I. 2004/702 (N.I. 3) by simply typing the number 3 in the ‘N.I. Series Number’ box.



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