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        Abolition of Domestic Rates Etc. (Scotland) Act 1987 (c. 47)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part I Abolition of Domestic Rates: Rating and Valuation
        1. Abolition of domestic rates.
        2. Valuation roll not to include domestic subjects.
        3A. Non-domestic rates: interim provisions.
        3B. Unified non-domestic rate.
        4. Valuation of premises part of which occupied as dwelling house.
        5. Statutory and other references to rateable values etc.
        6. Minor and consequential amendments.
        Part II Community Charges
        7. Creation and purpose of community charges.
        Personal Community Charge
        8. Liability for personal community charge.
        9. Determination of amount of personal community charge.
        9A. Reduced liability for personal community charge
        Standard Community Charge
        10. Liability for and calculation of standard community charge.
        Collective Community Charge
        11. Liability for and calculation of collective community charge.
        Apportionment of amounts to be paid
        11A. Apportionment, etc.
        11B. Estimate of amount produced in districts.
        Community Charges Registration Officer
        12. Community Charges Registration Officer.
        Community Charges Register
        13. Community Charges Register.
        14. Setting up of register.
        15. Amendment of register.
        16. Registration appeals.
        Duties in relation to registration
        17. {- The general duty of the registration officer under section 12(4) of this Act shall include th...}
        18. Obtaining of information from individual residents.
        18A. Obtaining of information generally.
        19. Effect of register.
        20. Inspection of register.
        20A. Exemption from inspection.
        20B. Information concerning Social Security.
        20C. Registration officer: provision of information to Secretary of State.
        Levy, collection, payment and recovery of community charges
        21. Levy, collection, payment and recovery of community charges.
        Reduction of community charges
        22. Reduction of community charges.
        Part III Revenue Support Grants
        23. Replacement of rate support grants by revenue support grants.
        Part IIIA Community Charge Grants
        23A. Community charge grants.
        Part IV Rebates
        24. Rebates from community charges.
        Part V Water and Sewerage Charges
        25. - With effect from 1st April 1989 the public water rate and the domestic water rate mentioned
        Part VI Miscellaneous and General
        26. Interpretation.
        27. Grant for rate relief given to certain recreational clubs.
        28. Prohibition on arrangements for making of certain determinations under this Act.
        29. Appeals.
        30. Crown application.
        31. Additional powers exercisable by, and procedure for, regulations.
        32. Finance.
        33. Amendments to Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987.
        34. Repeals.
        35. Citation,commencement and extent.
        SCHEDULE 1 Valuation and Rating
        SCHEDULE 1A Personal Community Charge: Exemption
        SCHEDULE 2 Levy, Collection, Payment and Recovery of Community Charges
        SCHEDULE 3 Reduction of Community Charges
        SCHEDULE 4 Revenue Support Grants
        SCHEDULE 5 Water and Sewerage Charges
        Part 1 Charges for Water Services
        Part II Charges for Sewerage Services
        Part III Miscellaneous provisions
        Part IV Amendments to the Water (Scotland) Act 1980 (c.45)
        SCHEDULE 6 Repeals

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