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        The Avian Influenza (H5N1 in Wild Birds) (Scotland) Order 2007 (No. 61)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        1. Citation, commencement and extent
        2. Interpretation
        PART 1 Introduction
        3. Declarations and notices
        4. Licences
        PART 2 Confirmation or suspicion of H5N1
        5. Confirmation or suspicion of H5N1 in wild birds
        6. Extent of wild bird control and monitoring areas
        7. Wild bird or carcase found within a protection zone or surveillance zone
        8. Measures applicable in a wild bird control area or wild bird monitoring area
        9. Additional measures
        10. Restrictions relating to things moved from England, Wales or Northern Ireland
        11. Duty to inspect poultry premises
        12. Maintenance of Areas
        PART 3 Miscellaneous
        13. Designation of premises to which things may be moved
        14. General duties relating to execution of this Order
        15. Record keeping
        16. Duty to comply with declarations, licences and notices
        17. Change of occupation of premises under restriction
        18. Cleansing and disinfection
        19. Disapplication of measures to those executing or enforcing this Order
        20. Veterinary investigations and marking
        21. General powers of inspectors
        22. Powers of inspectors in case of default
        23. Offences by bodies corporate
        24. Enforcement
        25. Revocation
        SCHEDULE 1 Measures applicable in respect of a wild bird control area
        PART 1 Movement of birds
        PART 2 Movement of hatching eggs and SPF eggs
        PART 3 Movement of controlled meat
        PART 4 Movement of by products
        PART 5 Other measures
        SCHEDULE 2 Measures applicable in respect of a wild bird monitoring area
        SCHEDULE 3 Biosecurity measures
        End Matter

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