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        The Insurance (Fees) Regulations 1994 (No. 643)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        1. {These Regulations may be cited as the Insurance (Fees) Regulations 1994 and shall come into for...}
        2. {The Insurance (Fees) Regulations 1993 are hereby revoked.}
        3. {In these Regulations- "the Act" means the Insurance Companies Act 1982; "Community company" mea...}
        4. {Subject to regulations 5 to 8 below, when documents are deposited under section 22(1) of the Ac...}
        5. {These Regulations do not apply in the case of- a Community company; or any other insurance comp...}
        6. {- Subject to paragraph (2) below, where the sum of the fees payable under regulations 4 and 5 a...}
        7. {No fee shall be payable under regulation 4 where, at the date upon which documents are deposite...}
        8. {These Regulations do not apply when copies of an abstract of an actuary's report of an investig...}
        9. {Where a statement is deposited under section 86(1) of the Act by the Council of Lloyd's it shal...}
        10. {For the purposes of section 94A(6) of the Act, the relevant functions of the Secretary of State...}
        End Matter

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