Royal Arms Traffic Management Act 2004

2004 Chapter 18


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Traffic Management Act 2004

2004 Chapter 18


Traffic officers for England and for Wales
1Traffic officers: introduction
2Designation of traffic officers

Jurisdiction and powers of traffic officers
3Jurisdiction of traffic officers
4Powers to direct traffic officers
5The special powers of a traffic officer
6Powers to stop or direct traffic
7Powers to place temporary traffic signs
8Power to confer further special powers on traffic officers
9Removal of certain vehicles by traffic officers

Miscellaneous and supplementary
12Power to charge for traffic officer services provided on request
13Power to acquire land
14Financial assistance to authorised persons
15Interpretation of Part 1

General duties relating to network management
16The network management duty
17Arrangements for network management
18Guidance to local traffic authorities
19Power to require information relating to network management

Enforcement of network management duties
20Intervention notices
21Intervention orders
22Appointment of traffic director: supplementary
23Monitoring and reporting
24Intervention in activities of local traffic authority
25Exercise of local traffic authority functions
26Application of sections 20 to 25 to local traffic authorities exercising functions jointly
27Criteria for making intervention orders
28Guidance to traffic directors
29Traffic directors in London
30Recovery of costs from local traffic authorities
31Interpretation of Part 2

32Meaning of "permit scheme"
33Preparation of permit schemes
34Implementation of local highway authority permit schemes
35Implementation of other permit schemes
36Variation and revocation of permit schemes
37Permit regulations
38Crown application
39Interpretation of Part 3

40Increase in penalties for summary offences under 1991 Act
41Fixed penalty offences

Co-ordination of works by street authority
42Duty of street authority to co-ordinate works

Direction-making powers
43Directions relating to timing of street works
44Directions as to placing of apparatus

Records and information
45The street works register
46Records of location of apparatus
47Duties relating to the location of unexpected apparatus
48Duty to inspect records

49Notices of street works
50Qualifications of supervisors and operatives
51Restriction on works following substantial road works
52Restriction on works following substantial street works
53Notices requiring remedial works relating to reinstatements
54Duty to notify street authority of reinstatement
55Power of street authority to require undertaker to re-surface street
56Re-surfacing: regulations and guidance
57Contributions to costs of re-surfacing by undertaker
58Inspection fees
59Guidance about inspections

Strategic roads in London
60Strategic roads in London: initial designation by Secretary of State
61Orders of the Greater London Authority changing what are strategic roads
62London borough council exercising powers under Highways Act 1980 so as to affect strategic roads
63London borough council exercising powers under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 so as to affect strategic roads

Enforcement of certain offences under the Highways Act 1980
64Fixed penalty offences under the Highways Act 1980

Records of objects placed in highway
65Duty of local highway authority to keep records of objects in highway

Skips, scaffolding, building materials and excavations: charges for occupation of highway etc.
66Builders' skips: charge for occupation of highway for unreasonable period
67Builders' skips: charge determined by reference to duration of occupation of highway
68Scaffolding, building materials and excavations: charge for occupation of highway for unreasonable period
69Scaffolding, building materials and excavations: charge determined by reference to duration of occupation of highway
70Sections 66 to 69: supplementary

Guidance as to safety precautions
71Guidance to local highway authorities as to safety precautions

Civil penalties for road traffic contraventions
72Civil penalties for road traffic contraventions
73Contraventions subject to civil enforcement
74Civil enforcement areas
75Power to require authority to apply for civil enforcement powers
76Civil enforcement officers
77Setting the level of penalty charges

Notification, adjudication and enforcement
78Notification of penalty charge
79Immobilisation of vehicle where penalty charge payable
80Representations and appeals
82Enforcement of penalty charges
83Certificated bailiffs

Additional contraventions in special enforcement areas
84Designation of special enforcement areas
85Prohibition of double parking etc.
86Prohibition of parking at dropped footways etc.

87Guidance to local authorities
88Financial provisions
89Regulations and orders
90Application to Crown and visiting forces
91Consequential amendments
92Minor definitions
93Index of defined expressions

94Power to inspect blue badges
95Application of surplus income from parking places
97Financial provision
99Commencement, transitionals and savings
100Short title and extent

    Schedule 1-Increase in maximum fines for certain summary offences under the 1991 Act
    Schedule 2-Schedule 4A to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
    Schedule 3-Schedule 4B to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
    Schedule 4-Schedule 3A to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
    Schedule 5-Schedule 22A to the Highways Act 1980
    Schedule 6-Schedule 22B to the Highways Act 1980
    Schedule 7-Road traffic contraventions subject to civil enforcement
    Part 1-Parking contraventions
    Part 2-Bus lane contraventions
    Part 3-London lorry ban contraventions
    Part 4-Moving traffic contraventions
    Schedule 8-Civil enforcement areas and enforcement authorities
    Part 1-In Greater London
    Part 2-Outside Greater London
    Schedule 9-Civil enforcement: setting the level of charges
    Part 1-Charges to which this Schedule applies
    Part 2-Charges applicable in Greater London
    Part 3-Charges applicable outside Greater London
    Schedule 10-Civil enforcement: special enforcement areas
    Schedule 11-Civil enforcement: consequential amendments
    Schedule 12-Repeals
    Part 1-Civil enforcement
    Part 2-Other repeals

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