Mr. A. Winter

Transport for London

PO BOX 4555, BN131XY Very urgent

Please reply within 14 days.

Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:44:59

Reference PCNGF02604678 the printing is poor, the last digits might be 4878?

At 13.10 office T17322 also printing poor. Not sure here.

Vehicle EFR???? is actual licence number to corroborate.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to please contest the above PCN as technically not being an offence.

The facts are that my husband, parked momentarily on the double lines outside the bank, to enter and deposit two envelopes in the box, and depose his signature at the counter. He could not find a free parking spot, and in a moment of great concern, and while under considerable pain, from a recent attack, he took the shortest line to the door, which placed the vehicle very briefly on the two lines. As he entered the bank, placed the envelopes in the box, and went to the counter, where there only one party in front of him, he looked back and saw the warden approaching the car. I had already got out of the car, approached the warden and asked him to give us the grace of a mere minute to accomplish the task in hand, and then go to the chemist to obtain some pain-killers. (He suffers from Heart disease, RBBB of the heart, Gout, Arthritis and others) He takes a considerable amount of medicine, and as I could not depose his signature, he was required to complete this task with the minimum pain if possible, having suffered a serious attack over the weekend.

The situation is that while the offence was committed momentarily, the traffic lights were red at the same time, and his exeat was expected to be accomplished before they turned green.

Notwithstanding this, the warden had only just opened his booking form when I approached him to beg for grace, and my husband on seeing the situation left the bank with the task unaccomplished. He then entered the car and while I stood by, drove off to a vacant space that had just become available across the other side of the lights.

I was waiting as a matter of courtesy with the warden, who stated he had to fill the ticket, as he too was being observed by his superintendent from a distance. Thus the car had been immediately removed, it not having caused any obstruction being just in front of the filled bays behind us. Had I left with him, the ticket would not have been either given to us, or placed on the vehicle since the duration was too timely to allow the warden to fill the details and give it to us.

Since I had addressed the warden, and he understood the situation, it was a courtesy that I remained on hand to accept the ticket that would otherwise definitely not been attached to the vehicle since it took more minutes to complete, I was with the warden for some 2 minutes at least after the vehicle had left the scene. The warden stated he had to continue with the ticket since he was being observed, and understanding this I waited for him to complete it and accept it, with an understanding that should we contest it, and you refer it back to him, he would corroborate what took place, and I have deposed here.

I would therefore beg that you show a little grace here, in reciprocation to our immediately vacating the scene and my waiting on hand for a ticket that we would otherwise not have had affixed to the car. I understood there was some tolerance in these situations, especially for disabled people, his badge was on display, and beg that this momentary lapse be considered sympathetically, and I assure you it will not happen again.

I would appreciate a reply within the period of 14 days, this letter has been posted 1st class on the same day of the issue of the ticket, as it may be the case my husband would ask for a hearing, to confirm the truth of this deposition.

Many Thanks.

Mrs M. Winter,

PP A. Winter, as he is now returned to bed.

Please excuse any errors as this was written in haste.

PS I do not drive, and he had to attend to this, otherwise he would have merely dropped me at the kerb and driven off.

First Representation.