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A) A search for bank + shoal in Shakespeare will display the following, *** below, among other items found.
B) A search for “bank and shoal” is likely to reduce the number of successes to only those from Macbeth, or quotations derived from the play.
C) The red highlighted bank and shoal, below, is an extract from the relevant lines in the play. It is the only opportunity at this time, to see the full search result in a smaller context of the target. Once you select the link in blue below, the search will take you to the actual play at the top of page one. Therefore to see the result in a larger context, you will need to perform another search in the windows, or other, browser. TIP, if you wish to go directly to the scene and line of the play, within the whole play, you may wish to copy (highlight and CTRL C) a set of words from the results page and then paste that precise set of words into the browser find option. (Windows > edit > Find (on This Page)... CTRL+F) to bring the result up in a full page of text from the play. All the Shakespeare plays may be highlighted and copied from our website to your own computer free of charge. Equally for personal use only, text or files and images copyright by Questor © may be copied, but NOT resold, publicised, plagiarised or reproduced without the author's permission. Just Email us.

1606 THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH by William Shakespeare DRAMATIS PERSONAE DUNCAN, King of Scotland MACBETH, ...
... here, upon this bank and shoal of time, We'ld jump the life to ... • Thursday, 5 May 2005, 11:26am GMT • 119k



 Gets the documents with 

 stock market 

 'stock' or 'market' or both 

 "stock market" 

 the phrase 'stock market' 

 +stock +market 

 'stock' and 'market' 

 +stock -market 

 'stock' but not 'market' 

 +president -"United States" 

 'president' but not 'United States' 

 (stock OR market) AND NOT president 

 'stock' or 'market', and without 'president' 

Capitalization doesn't matter. The ranked results will come from a total match on the words and phrases which you supply, so try to think of several specific terms for your topic and spell them correctly. It may help to include important plurals and derived words too, like [address addresses contact contacting information] .