Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Explanation of exhibits in order of creation dates.

Important, note this should be looked at in conjunction with, the relevant acts and terms, with particular focus I have prepared for ease of reading.

The key focus of this dispute commenced the day the PCN was issued for a remarkably prejudicial timing of 60 seconds.

A previous on with Islington was for 3.3 seconds, and Transport for London two minutes.

In the past 5 years I have not received a penalty for anything serious. I don't consider 3.3 seconds to 2 minutes as remotely serious, it is closer to criminal, especially with a disabled badge on display at all times.

The result of each complaint was that I disputed the manner of such conduct as inhuman, prejudicial, neglect of duty of care under totrt law, a derogation of my rights under the EU conventions for human rights, Protocol 5 articles 1-15, and vexing to a degree that the conduct in each case was regarded by myself as pursuing a course of conduct that rendered the culpable parties, and directing minds actionable under the offence of Harassment 1997, section 40.

In the case of Islington, a representation was made to the LGO and they found the local council guilty of maladministration.

Transport for London was an amalgam of 6 separate breaches of the RTA 1991 that made them guilty of knowingly attempting to enforce an invalid PCN contrary to several statutes.

Lastly Camden, the leader this kind of conduct, made the PCN a matter of enforcement on an issue of, in my view very personal prejudice.

I have in my possession exhibits to be revealed at the appropriate time showing how they willfully and knowingly were lenient for some PCN's , that were identically enforceable with my own,on circumstances of far greater temporal measure in offence than my own. They cancelled those and chose arbitrarily to enforce mine.

They shall be exposed,and on issuance of an NTO have been given formal notice of an action for harassment.

This part of the site has commenced deposition at the above date, and should be completed within a 24 to 72 hours.

Please bear with me for the further exhibits to be knitted together with this synopsis.

Text extracts from Camden and their solicitors are shown for ease of reading as text, the scanned images will be deposed shortly after, to show they derive from the originals.

Exhibit 1

The Wider Context of this issue The first representation.

Exhibit 2

The response to the refusal & Follow up letter

Exhibit 3

The 1st enforcement letter The same but text only

Exhibit 4

The 2nd enforcement letter The same but text only

Exhibit 5

The solicitor's letter and the replies.

Exhibit 6

The PCN and defective wording.

Exhibit 7

The PCN plastic holder with affixement unused.

Exhibit 8

The copy letter to Councilors, Mayor and MP.

Exhibit 9

The draft claim original, to be amended substantially.

Exhibit 10

The penultimate letter to Camden. Formal notice of intent.

Today's letter 28th June 2006.



News item extracted from Times here.

In some areas wardens are attacked by enraged drivers. In Newham, London, wardens were given police protection after 21 attacks in 13 months. In Havering, they were issued with stab-proof vests to protect them from angry motorists.

· In May this year Peter Holbrook returned from holiday in Australia to find yellow lines painted up to his car and an £80 parking ticket. Waltham Forest council said it would be cancelled.

· Chef Gordon Ramsay, right, says he gets between three and five parking tickets on any working day.

· Also in May, Peter Stapleton was fined after stopping his car to re-attach his false leg. He got a £50 parking penalty in north London, despite having a blue disabled badge.

· Lorry driver Harry McLaughlin was given a £60 ticket while he lay dead in his cab after suffering a heart attack near Bothwell, Lanarkshire.

· Sutton Council apologised to a man given a £40 ticket as he tended to his wife after she had a heart attack. Kevin Bailey parked on yellow lines outside his wife's restaurant, where she was being treated.

· In February 2006, a trainee warden put a ticket on a hearse after it stopped to load a coffin in Ashford, Kent. The council cancelled the penalty 30 minutes later.

· In 2004, Nadhim Zahawi, chief executive of pollsters YouGov, got a £100 penalty on his crashed scooter while being loaded into an ambulance with a broken leg.