The cancellation.

Its absence of moral courage in admissions,

remorse & apology. A proper response should look something like:

Dear Sir,

We apologise for the several failures of our obligations under the law in respect of your representations. These have been fully investigated, and the relevant employees advised that this is unacceptable behaviour.

While it has been alleged that you committed the offence, your comments concerning our offences do highlight an overzealous set of practices that are being monitored closely as they certainly do not form part of our overall strategy of traffic management as directed centrally by the executives of the TfL.

It is certainly not a code of practice sanctioned by the management, and where such conduct is discovered at local levels, it will be vigorously eliminated.

We consider it most important all our representatives conduct themselves professionally, within the law, and to the purposes set out by the relevant statutes.

The present practice of zero tolerance, while upheld by some, appears to not be striking the correct balance between deterring offenders and preserving harmony within the community. This matter is being addressed, and in future there will be allowances for a period of reasonable grace, and greater degree of tolerance and understanding, especially where motorists either break down, have accidents and or stop momentarily parking illegally due to forces beyond their control. It goes without question that such incidents are fully covered by the practice that wardens are, and or shall be hereafter instructed clearly not to deliver additional detriments towards motorists who are visibly in such a plight that the practice adds to and increases their distress. This we would not wish upon ourselves nor any other members of the community.

We are concerned about the comments that public perception of these enforcements being revenue driven, and reports concerning incentivised procedures with rewards such as bottles of wine, holidays and the like, are being investigated with a view to eliminating them completely from any profile of management and customers services. This is not our intent, and shall be thoroughly addressed as a matter of urgency.

If you wish to see where revenue; derived from improving conditions for all road users, is applied please look at our website, particularly the areas where we are addressing the reduction of accidents by up to 50 % over the next few years. I am sure that nobody would disagree with the application of resources in these and similar areas to the benefit of all.

The PCN you have represented has been cancelled, due to being invalid at the point of issue, and we aplogise for the additional inconvenience you have suffered as a result of our slow, and neglectful responses to your various earlier representations. We do try ensure, that NTO's are not sent out where representations have altered in the light of additional evidence being presented. We trust we may count on your future cooperation ensuring that you make necessary arrangements to avoid contravening parking regulations in future, as you may well expect we shall improve our services.

Thank you for your comments.

Yours Sincerely,

MR. ??? TfL