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Logic Law
Fighting illegal motorist parking tickets,
Statutes & Laws

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Provided by Tony, to assist in rebuttal arguments by British quasi judicial bodies that show aspects of being
pretenders, equivocators, purporters and subtracters. SOME of these are specially selected to riposte real arguments found excessively frequently with their exchanges with people unfamiliar for deceptive persuasions.

This is the header page for complete exposures of the entire predatory approach of bodies that call themselves 'authorities.'

There are several of these all due shortly, and their names are:

  1. The Transport for London, (TfL,)

    1. An issue between the contravention code used for box junctions, is inconsistent with the statutory requirements, and is being opened up, and may show wilful negligence and awareness of the deceptions. The semantic constructions lack proper punctuation, that when properly re - inserted where the clause introduction word groups are, properly marked, shows incontrovertibly that the code and the statute are both misleading, and misrepresent the legislation as it ought. This shall be thoroughly dealt with, before doing so please look at the link here, that shows the nature of the 'mens rea' {guilty mind(s)} that is / are under focus that are not isolated.

  2. The Mayor of London, the manner of choreographing buffering systems to ring fence complaints out towards other bodies to spread the vicarious liability and umbrella to smudge and cover individual malfeasances.

    1. Arguments from his 'office,' not a person, the 'office' now talks with its own vocal chords, The Greater London Authority (GLA,)

    2. All here in the one place...

    3. The partial menu coming.....

  1. The Office of Fair Trade, to come.

  2. The Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TpT,) formerly NPAS,

    1. How a simple question; framed by Medusa, put by Wayne Pendle to the team of seven from the council, followed by their immediate ADMISSION, and then the rapid cover up by the TpT making any doubt about 'independence,' utterly spurious, and confirming where irrational reasoning is foremost, that adjudicators, when faced with cases with serious consequences, and malice in want of candour and ethics, will behave as if the councils are employing them as barrister, which they their salaries, that is, --- through the Joint Committee of Councils, of course. --- (fallacy of amphiboly) .

  3. The Parking and Traffic Adjudicators (PATAS,)

    1. “An adjudicator's decision is unimpeachable.” The latest in fashion of being ruled by virtual counterfeit, Demi-Gods who cannot be questioned.

    2. Then examine their variety of decision that are in direct contradiction with each other. A farce for money.

  4. The Traffic Enforcement Centre, Item7, 3 faults.

    1. (TEC.) a deemed court, with illegally constructed warrants and orders of recovery,

    2. The appeals process is ring fenced semantics, with two pincers each side to close the mindset of free thought, and deliver ambiguity and injustice.

      • To be explained shortly, where grammatical constructions with prominence and false emphasis delivers ring fenced injustice.

      • See how to sign the box that states “I did not receive a response to my appeal”. A construction with prominence and false emphasis to blot out he Achilles heel of honest appeal (WHEN YOU GET A RESPONSE that's irrelevant...) Coming soon...

    3. THREE FAULTS in caught's o'flaw

    1. A. Many warrants have the term 'offence' on the top, where it should say 'contravention'... This misrepresents the legal situation. Simply refer the warrant back and state it is non compliant, the term 'offence' is a misrepresentation of the legal situation... It follows that within the meaning of the Fraud Act 2006 the document is a purporter, and contains a false representation or misleading representation.

    2. B. The warrants are NOT sealed individually which means many if not most or all, from TEC, have no court seal on them at all.... (YES think about it, then ask yourself why shortly after Wayne asked the NCC Judge to comment, followed shortly after by TEC putting prices up for making applications that are Out of Time, at £35, each, with £75 for each request to set aside the 'deemed' court officers decision, on geographical grounds usually... Presumably to pay for the potential floodgate). See a judges comment on unlawful awful warrants here, from Wayne.

    1. C. This is the nasty bit. Many, if not most or ALL warrants drawn up by TEC, are on a revoked order since 2002. We are watching how a judge handles this in a south county court. This will come out, when we see how the forces of reaction play their semantics... See below now in red.

      • Bookmark this page, and see with added purpose

      • “How power change purpose, what our SEEMERS BE.”

      • Watch them play “see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing,” in semantics of “ not aware of nothing,” (note the double negative) and avoid answering or dealing with facts under CPR 16,5,5. where “ a defendant who fails to deal with an allegation shall be taken to admit that allegation.”
        “We didn't do nothing wrong!”

      • A case on this is coming in the South County Courts, where we are looking to see if it behaves like other offices:

        • of ambiguations and equivocations in a manner in which it is anticipated the 'system' will resolve the issues by way of their 'circumlocution offices' Little Dorrit, currently showing BBC1 episode 2 ”

        • OED Circumlocution Office: a satirical name applied, by Dickens, to Government Offices, on account of the circuitous formality by which they delay the giving of information, etc. A phrase or sentence in which circumlocution is used; a roundabout expression.In modern language that roundabout is now called SPIN, and it makes the average person dizzy if not sick... NHS mental health bill rising? Now we know part of the reasons why...

      • That rule that was revoked in 2002, meaning all warrants are drawn up on documents that were revoked six years ago, and were not valid or legal. Indeed quite illegal.

  1. Last but not least the situation on contracts between Councils and their third party enforcement agencies.

    1. THE NCP agreements, that were novated in about April 2007 and signed around end January 2008,

      backdated with every tense still in the future, from the Feb 2008, HOPELESS is the word for it.

The main parts, in shorts!, will be:

Parts 1,2,4 now here...

  1. To treat the TfL text, (herewith from the outside-in. TF from the inside -out, the fun part in schadenfreude for a class of onlookers).

  2. Treat your text in the two letters, (beginning here and within a few days. A grammatical analysis, showing how to slalom; in the function of appetition and aversion with directed conscience, from a literal present definite, to the mist of uncertainty to the dark indefinite. This is corroborated to show that the method is not alone a subjunctive and optative mood, but corresponds with reality in not being realised. Just like the language in the higher circles of abstract speech, where abstractions are made into hypostacized substances so utterly and hopelessly unconvincing, since it is all out of context for serious politics. EG: 'Government believes', 'We are a rock of stability – overlooking Northern Rock,' and 'Buckingham Palace said yesterday.' All the abstractions given cognitive, concrete and vocal functions. Such fun!)

  3. Treat the 'mens rea' of the concealment that had to be known by at least one, and at a greater quantity perhaps eight or more, the worst part of the bad report. (I have in mind 'oversights' in CPR 31.6 (b),(i).) (from the outside -in. From above with directions “to do, not think.”)

  4. Treat the original fallacy of amphiboly that was the source, and worser part of the unlawful procedure, that was 'too bad for bad report.' ( At my leisure, but fairly soon, grammatical and logical analysis.)

    1. Containing a sentence modifying adverb with wilful false prominence, delivering ambiguity over three layered & qualifying adjectives, with two ellipses, to confer a detriment upon the recipient, for the authorities' very own omission for commission, that had to be known, and was subsequently observed by at least five or six more agents serially, then pressed forward wilfully with malice aforethought. (nicely glozed by omissions for the revenue stream missions, exactly as in RTA 1991, Sch 6, and CPR 75. A complete topic that is treated in a forthcoming dissertation. Just for fun, and fun for the un-just. Commitment or committal? There lies the question?)

    2. The treatment will be of kind and nature in anaesthesia, quarantining, dissection, leaving exposed. You are invited especially to contest, controvert, and prove otherwise, factually, to what is said below, as a series of rebuttable presumptions that are 'accepted as true' if uncontested. Even, if preferred, bare in mind CPR 16,5,5.

    3. It would have been better had my first email been addressed seriously as a matter of importance in principle; since principles grow from what may for some, only appear as trivial, to become full mutations when time unfolds what 'plighted cunning hides' and hence lies at the heart. And then move on to become major growths that require surgery.

    4. If there is doubt as to what time unfolds in 'procedural flaws' that are not stopped immediately on notification of the first representation, then please take a disinterested look at the following to demonstrate what develops from the mendacity of semantic palliation forms and unbridled inequity. You need to bear in mind particularly the word 'concealed' in 1.a) below the term every body on the side of 'authority' ignores as minor oversights, imagining it will pass without scrutiny.

    5. How suicides begin at £5 congestion charge. “Traffic fines led Queen's guard to hang himself.Here...... (please do not seek that balm to the conscience that his own debts contributed, and TfL's contribution was therefore warranted, without restraint, supporting and providing a system of depredatious bailiff's unleashed with often unlawful warrants --- coming, to rapidly increase in arithmetic progression the penalty, as delivered in prisons, to the unco-operative,) and here......”Council officer threw himself off 100ft bridge after becoming depressed with authority's 'immoral' decisions involving 'huge amounts' of taxpayer's money, an inquest heard.

    6. That is the first contextual marker and testimony to what people in your corridors achieve and confer on one's fellow man. The phrase segment from Justice Jackson case in the High Court Barnet case, is meaningless in these sound-bite rooms. A brief reminder:

      • their annual report on more than one occasion to comment on procedural irregularities that have come to their attention in appeals. The motoring public deserves nothing less than that the public authorities exercising penal powers understand the importance of their complying with the conditions attached to their powers and are scrupulous about having in place administrative processes that do so. It is imperative that the public can have confidence in the fairness and propriety of the enforcement of parking controls.'

      • Wasted words? Yes these have not been considered at all, the TfL piece and your letters con-firm it.

    7. Further exhibits are in footnote 1*

    8. Before examining the litany of trivialised oversights, presented in an 'Escher,' concave, minimalising mirror, here is the convex overlayed version on:

    9. What an honest parson, person, sorry 'upright justicer' with unhampered integrity, might have said aside; “There was a tree that grew aslant abrook that gave a different perspective, a converse mirror for the enjoyment of those partial to the, largely unanticipated delight in the suffering of another.”

      • TfL. has confirmed to me that, following the illegal issue of the above mentioned PCN, you submitted a series of escalating representations that were ignored while the matter was systematically insisted upon, in the hope of bullying you to submit, while submitting representations. This was accepted by TfL. As gross negligence and deceit, and a review of the case confirmed that TfL. had by way of maladministration delivered injustice. On 20 December 2007 TfL wrote to you acknowledging the malfeasance and also confirming that the PCN had been cancelled.. They offered no compensation for the alarm, vexation, harassment and distress caused by the aforementioned, and we therefore award you with £100 for your perfectly avoidable time and trouble. Multiply this by the number of representations between a representation and seven representations, to arrive at £600, to teach numeracy, If TfL do not pay that by midnight, the compensation will rise tenfold to £6000, and thereafter a real profit making scheme enters on the horizon, increased by the delightful bailiffs with their own system of ghost visits that can increase the amount another tenfold. Those in the line of hire, sorry fire, should prepare suicide letters. Advice can be gained from your local CAB or NHS unit for mental health. Such fun!

  1. The TfL text; as an 'upright justicer' aslant, in full below footnote 2*. Partial for examination here.

    1. TfL. has confirmed to me that, following the issuing of the above mentioned PCN, you submitted a representation stating that as a Blue Badge holder you were registered for a 100% discount from the Congestion Charge. This was accepted by TfL. and a review of the case confirmed that TfL. had incorrectly administered the renewal of your Blue Badge discount. On 20 December 2007 TfL wrote to you acknowledging the error and also confirming that the PCN had been cancelled.

    1. I would like to apologise on behalf of TfL for the inconvenience that this error has caused you. The Mayor is committed to making the Congestion Charge fairer to all Londoners and is keen to prevent motorists being penalised for procedural mistakes as occurred in this instance. As part of the Mayor's forthcoming discussions with TfL he will be seeking commitment from them to operate all aspects of the Congestion Charge in an efficient and transparent manner.

    2. It isn't just how nicely the above is presented with all its omissions intact, but what it hides in the underlying thoughts that require disclosure.

    3. Many years ago I wrote: 1. “'Truth the Whole truth and Nothing but..', is best,

                  2. While 'Truth and Nothing but..', leaves out the rest.

      • Palliating authority follows the path of the second line in the couplet. TfL does so with obvious confidence.

      • incorrectly administeredNicely chosen alternative to maladministration?

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