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A brief Introduction
The LAWS of all countries are:
A body of rules, whether proceeding from formal enactment or from custom, which a particular state or community recognizes as binding on its members or subjects. OED.

A. As such these rules MUST be flexible and flow with the alterations of customs, variable and particular circumstance in their application .
B. Principles of Justice (That which is JUST 3. a. Consonant with the principles of moral right or of equity; righteous; equitable; fair. OED) MUST serve TRUTH (and its wholeness) as the highest of all doctrines as distinct, but not exclusively, from cogent PROOF.
WHY? BECAUSE Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence! And TRUTH is NOT possible if it fails to correspond to reality, whereas PROOF may or may not correspond with reality. Proof relies on evidence, that requires resources the poorer cannot afford to obtain, is capable of manipulation by an agenda driven imbalance of
C. ‘suppressio veri’, suppressions (Misrepresentation of the truth by concealing facts which ought to be made known. OED) and
D. ’suggestion falsi’, suggestions (A misrepresentation of the truth whereby something incorrect is implied to be true; an indirect lie. OED) Using such arts in a court room, is categorically deplorable and unutterably condemnable where detrimental consequences are the flow. I have seen opposing solicitors, in British courts use them, wilfully, and the laws of perjury not invoked, because the issue was deemed to be minor, but this happened to be discrepant with reality and remains for further investigations by a body that is unaccountable to the claimant). That is why;

Truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but.', is best, While 'Truth and Nothing but..', leaves out the rest.
Questor'© and

Might’s not right, where argument's not treason, Treason's his who's Might, denies good reason. Questor'©

What's wrong with today's bureaucracy of inflexible template drive machine like with super efficient enforcement lacking humanity and discretion. Parliament in its sovereignty has deemed it fit to confer on local councils, a penal power that is of verisimilitude to the crown prerogative that was bridled in the Declaration of Rights 1668-9. “DoR”

This, when considered within the frame of scientific method and logic is unscrupulously prejudicial. It has revived just as the presence of a bridle is necessary for restraint in penal measures without trial, and the absence that bridle returns the aforesaid fines and forfeitures before trial. That is the element of scientific methodology that shows the de facto repeal of that important tenet in the DoR as arrogating crown plunder to the sovereignty of Parliament, and shuffling off responsibility by conferring toward local councils, those with least noblesse oblige to ensure penal measure are scrupulously and sympathetically handled. The logic is in two obvious contradictions.

  1. Freedom from Fines and Forfeitures before trial, (being exchanged for penalising before trial with a prickly ring fenced argument is hardly fair), and then

  2. Fines and Forfeitures being given different terms as if by some magic they now belonged to the opposite contrary class of conferring benefits towards the recipient not detriments. This chop logic and combined casuistry is at the heart of a menacing penal system than is being strengthened with powers of force to enter homes; a mans' castle and privacy, delivering collateral damage to all therein for the purpose of getting at one debtor. There are many many other ways to bring a debtor to heel with civility and avoidance of bringing war tactics to private homes.

Logic Law, Logic at Law, Logic with Law, Law and Logic, Logic in Law, Mother in Law, just as bad!

EBSN Students.

Laws designed to protect the wealthy or powerful against the poor or weak are treasons upon the citizen’s of the country or world they are invoked, and where that country suppresses dissent of argument, using the above tools C. &D.
There may be an argument why governing bodies require frequent alteration. The more frequently the better, like in Roman times where Consuls were changed every year, (Specifically to block corruption that sets in as normally it does after this limited period) but unlike their tribunes perhaps should be changed every four years. This comment is NOT a thoroughly prepared argument at this point simply a view against prolonged terms of office spanning excesses of four years. Self crowning, (like Caeser, who paid for it with his life, disregarding these values, or otherwise controlling so as to prolong leadership and consequently self aggrandisement is utterly reprehensible).
Equally in JUST democracies, blocking truth by setting pre-requisites of ‘terms of reference’, frameworks of semantics, or rules ‘excepting’ certain methods of accessing truth, (other than of course torture), is a curb upon the very essence of what a JUST democracy is all about. Rarely if ever is there a person guilty of something, likely to consent to parting with documents resulting in self harm. It should be resisted at the outset to ensure that determinations and legal judgements are not bound by initial conditions that present an inherent obstacle, like a template, imprint or mould through which every attempt at TRUTH is frustrated and denied, like shaping the truth as if it were something to be extruded from a die. The only constraint on TRUTH is that LOGIC and the laws of Thought are the sole governing principles that avoid this outcome.
Free debate and argument is essential to this end and that is why:

Might’s not right, where argument's not treason, Treason's his who's Might, denies good reason. Questor'©

*****Truth and Proof as Shakespeare used the words. *****
With such full licence as both truth and malice Have power to utter. O, then we bring forth weeds
His rudeness so with his authorized youth Did livery falseness in a pride of truth.
Lest I surcease to honour mine own truth, And by my body's action teach my mind A most inherent baseness.
Bid them repair to th' market-place, where I, Even in theirs and in the commons' ears, Will vouch the truth of it.
I rais'd him, and I pawn'd Mine honour for his truth; who being so heighten'd, He watered his new plants with dews of flattery,
I knew of this before; but, to speak truth, This present grief had wip'd it from my mind.
Yea, in truth, my lord. C JUSTICE. Pray thee, peace. Pay her the debt you owe her, and unpay the villainy you have done with her;
To find his title with some shows of truth- Though in pure truth it was corrupt and naught- Convey'd himself as th' heir to th' Lady
though the truth of it stands off as gross As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it. Treason and murder ever kept together,
This was sometime a paradox, but now the time gives it proof. I did love you once.
Now what my love is, proof hath made you know; And as my love is siz'd, my fear is so.
But that I know love is begun by time, And that I see, in passages of proof, Time qualifies the spark and fire of it.
Only this proof I'll of thy valour make In single combat thou shalt buckle with me; And if thou vanquishest, thy words are true;
In argument and proof of which contract, Bear her this jewel, pledge of my affection.
This speedy and quick appearance argues proof Of your accustom'd diligence to me.
reasons to defeat the law. The King's attorney, on the contrary, Urg'd on the examinations, proofs, confessions,Of divers witnesses;
Upon surmises, all proofs sleeping else But what your jealousies awake, I tell you 'Tis rigour, and not law.
Most true, if ever truth were pregnant by circumstance. That which you hear you'll swear you see, there is such unity in the proofs
Ay, to the proof, as mountains are for winds, That shake not though they blow perpetually.
Dexterity so obeying appetite That what he will he does, and does so much That proof is call'd impossibility.
*****Law as Shakespeare used the word. *****
which, if it speed, Is wicked meaning in a lawful deed, And lawful meaning in a lawful act;
Seneca cannot be too heavy, nor Plautus too light. For the law of writ and the liberty, these are the only men.
Eleanor, the law, thou seest, hath judged thee. I cannot justify whom the law condemns.
I have been a truant in the law And never yet could frame my will to it; And therefore frame the law unto my will.
when law can do no right, Let it be lawful that law bar no wrong; Law cannot give my child his kingdom here, For he
that holds his kingdom holds the law; Therefore, since law itself is perfect wrong, How can the law forbid my tongue to curse?
If the law would allow it, sir. ESCALUS. But the law will not allow it, Pompey; nor it shall not be allowed in Vienna.
I had rather my brother die by the law than my son should be unlawfully born.
you are a worthy judge; You know the law; your exposition Hath been most sound; I charge you by the law,
the laws of Venice, confiscate Unto the state of Venice. GRATIANO. O upright judge! Mark, Jew. SHYLOCK. Is that the law?
Tarry, Jew. The law hath yet another hold on you. It is enacted in the laws of Venice,
Apprehensions Keep leets and law-days, and in session sit With meditations lawful?
Landlord of England art thou now, not King. Thy state of law is bondslave to the law;
Rest thy unrest on England's lawful earth, [Sitting down] Unlawfully made drunk with innocent blood.
The world is not thy friend, nor the world's law; The world affords no law to make thee rich;
owes the law his life, Why, let the war receive't in valiant gore; For law is strict, and war is nothing more. We are for law: he dies.
the law's delay, The insolence of office, and the spurns That patient merit of th' unworthy takes,
Enough, enough, my Lord; you have enough; I beg the law, the law upon his head.
To guard the lawful reasons on thy part, To leave poor me, thou hast the strength of laws,
lawful mercy Is nothing kin to foul redemption. ANGELO. You seem'd of late to make the law a tyrant;
I have been an unlawful bawd time out of mind; but yet I will be content to be a lawful hangman.
Bidding the law make curtsy to their will;....... The very mercy of the law cries out
By law of nature thou art bound to breed,....... I'll have an action of battery against him, if there be any law in Illyria;
which we Will answer as a law...... To suffer lawful censure for such faults....... Opposing laws with strokes, and here defying
he hath resisted law, And therefore law shall scorn him further trial
The canon of the law is laid on him,.... Let it be lawful that law bar no wrong;..... Law cannot give my child his kingdom here,
How can the law forbid my tongue to curse?.... When every case in law is right,.... Poor queen of love, in thine own law forlorn
You hear my spell is lawful. Do not shun her.... which we Will answer as a law..... Forborne the getting of a lawful race,
Attending nature's law;.... thou art condemn'd, and must Endure our law. .... I am not partial to infringe our laws.
To trip the course of law, and blunt the sword..... See your most dreadful laws so loosely slighted,.... no lawful means can carry me
And in the lawful name of marrying,.... If it prove lawful prize, he's made forever..... Of law and course of direct session
The law, with all his might to enforce it on,.... That he hath used thee. DESDEMONA. How? Unlawfully?
he made a law- To keep her still, and men in awe-.... Thy state of law is bondslave to the law;
according to our law, Depose him in the justice of his cause..... I challenge law-attorneys are denied me;
00798: arguments formally illogical do sometimes occur through taking as
02229: Nor, as was said in my formal logic, is the method of division a
02561: the teleological order the minor, C, must first take place, and the
02939: broad leaves; but if so, they will be logically coincident and each
03121: insufficient clearness. When one of a number of logically
00236: defect, or resembling one another analogically, or differing in
00998: form or species; and some of them they have only analogically
05941: be no concomitant pathological circumstances. Cases have occurred
08153: of what will one day be settled psychological habits, though
08154: psychologically a child hardly differs for the time being from an
01135: logically in a dialectical discussion, yet to believe them seems
02430: The result we have reached is logically concordant with the eternity
00414: regards their affirmation and denial, correspond in their logical
00651: not the contradictory of 'it may be'. For it is a logical
00704: logical sequences follow in due course when we have arranged the
00791: follow contradictory in the way indicated, and no logical
00101: syllogism of strict logic. The true and the approximately true are
00210: to reason logically, (2) to understand human character and goodness in
00516: rhetoric is a combination of the science of logic and of the ethical
04154: Another line is based upon logical division. Thus, 'All men do wrong
04620: valid logical proof.
04630: logical proof: this, too, we see from the Analytics. All we can do
05319: side by side, and also because it has the effect of a logical
06189: ones: their logical cogency is more striking: the facts about two
C:\Documents and Settings\Tony\My Documents\a\BOOKS\ARISTOTL\TOPICS.txt
00513: on natural philosophy, while some are logical. Propositions such as
00515: parents or the laws, if they disagree?'; such as this are logical,
00693: very wise man who comes to us in the character of a great logician,
00712: subtleties of logic, which is really amazing, has not found out the
00030: contained. The sciences of logic and psychology, which have supplied
00040: greatest of all logical truths, and the one of which writers on
00044: But he does not bind up truth in logical formulae, --logic is still
00188: of a short writing. In all attempts to determine the chronological
00287: and ought not to be judged by the rules of logic or the
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More lines from the masters.
For that there is no logic in love, nor the least mathematical, logic and sermons never convince,
to one! To note the curious hard logic of passion, and the emotional And is their logic to outweigh
In logic and in natural law rhetoric is a combination of the science of logic and of the ethical
By chopping logic in my plays, grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend. Abeunt studia in mores.

those sciences which go by the name of logic and Metaphysics, one apperception, is the logical function of judgements
Said the Buddha: "Dost thou deny that the same logic holds good is determined in relation to one of the logical functions
universal consequences, and then you attempt to limit logic by their complete accordance with the general logical of
clear a logic it had been arrived at; but what was the alternative? It General logic is constructed upon a plan which coincides exactly
illogical. It is faith and not logic which is the supreme arbiter. As this merely formal logic makes abstraction of all content
in theory, nor from any want of logic in practice so long as they were Transcendental logic, limited as it is to a determinate content,

illogical of malice prepense, and for what they held to be That by like logic each arrangement still
Full much with subtle logic there they sped; "Certainly, love it, regardless of logic as you say, it must be

regardless of logic, and it's only then one will understand the that of pure a priori cognitions, to wit, cannot imitate general logic
Here, I repeat, you have the whole logic of the prosecution. the logic of truth (that is, to analytic), but as a logic of illusion,
myself. Crime is common. logic is rare. Therefore it is upon the logic are comprehended in the analytical department of that logic.
and admired, she gathers the logic of it and applies accordingly. But although general logic cannot give directions to the faculty
loose from the little mooring of logic that it had. She was stirred by logic, insomuch that it appears to be the especial duty
"Your logic has the stride of a giant, M. de Baisemeaux," said value and significance, which is, however, merely logical.
doing; being to seeming; logic to rhythm and to display; the year to to logic alone, because it is valid of cognitions,
affirmed. It must affirm itself, or no forms of logic or of oath can task with which general logic has nothing to do;
is a logic that brings salt to soup, hammer to nail, oar to boat, the with the logical and universal unity of conceptions,
logic of cooks, carpenters, and chemists, following the sequence of conditions of the logical exercise of our understanding,
All the steps they orderly take; but with the high logic of never to have something more than a merely logical significance,
realistic logic or coupling of means to ends, necessity in existence, and not to merely formal and logical necessity
final certificate. A coarse logic rules throughout all English according to the logical laws of conversion,
alive to the heart as well as to the logic of creation. But English opposite is merely a logical and not a real opposite
imperturbable; whose dreadful logic was always leisurely and sportive; requisite, firstly, the logical form of a conception

and adequateness, shaming our sterile and linear logic by its genial That logic is necessary
yourself are admitting that logic is necessary, if without it you cannot know so much as this, whether logic is necessary or not
a logic worthy of the author of all logic. Nevertheless my unhappy Gruyer tell us they are more logical, logic being a peculiarly
_S._ Will the Knowledge of Languages, or of logic and Rhetoric discussed earlier, and its logic then carried through to the
somewhere in the glowing logic of the proposition- as he saw it- fitful images, which rose and fell by a logic of their own. It was
Morris Townsend listened to this robust logic in silence. "I will all, the official protector of her niece's marriage. Her logic would
same law of love and forgiveness, a priest, gave the soldier a cross all the law courts of the world, but which those who committed
by the law of coincidence thousands of minute causes fitted in and He alone did not obey the law of immutability in the enchanted,
events that subsequently occur, the law of reciprocity comes in, freedom to the law of God," the voice had said. "Simplicity is
the law courts are closed; things have to be put in order, and we will "I know the law very well, mates! I'll take the matter to the
French... He'll show you what law is!" the mob were saying as if "Where there's law there's injustice," put in the little man.
the physical law of gravity, their enormous mass drew the individual the most melancholy law of necessity, but considered themselves heroes "Well, everything is going to ruin! Robbery in the law courts, in
Christian men professing the law of love of their fellows slew one the highest, we see a law by which men, to take associated action,
of this simple and obvious law would suffice and we should have finished our argument. But the law of history relates to man. A
particle of matter cannot tell us that it does not feel the law of attraction or repulsion and that that law is untrue, but man, who is
If there be a single law governing the actions of men, free will philosophic- we find a general law of necessity to which he (like
by one and the same law (whether he observes the necessity of taking and always expects the law that he has learned to be fulfilled.
thousands of years ago that same law of necessity which with such from the point of view of reason man is subject to the law of
how man's consciousness of freedom is to be reconciled with the law of of man's free will and partly of the law of inevitability.
to the law of necessity, to one who knows the circumstances in which
in society seems less guilty and his action more due to the law of devoid of freedom and entirely subject to the law of inevitability.
action of a man subject solely to the law of inevitability without any
And so to imagine the action of a man entirely subject to the law of To imagine a man perfectly free and not subject to the law of
sciences have proceeded. When Newton enunciated the law of gravity
From the time the law of Copernicus was discovered and proved, the
ancients. By disproving that law it might have been possible to retain Ptolemaic worlds. But even after the discovery of the law of
laws of astronomy destroyed religion, and he utilized the law of Just so it now seems as if we have only to admit the law of
Stern and fixed the law is; we have hands t' achieve it, For ordinance and law?
Where this is law-All joy abandon here. Lo, the law stands-The slayer shall not plead,
Now are they all undone, the ancient laws, Who treads beyond the law with foot impure,
It is thine hour, Apollo-speak the law, And now abide to hear the doom of law.
The law of bloodshed, hear me now ordain. So long as law stands as it stood of old
Uncurbed by law nor curbed by tyranny; I tarry but to claim your law, not knowing
Stern and fixed the law is; we have hands t' achieve it, For ordinance and law?
Where this is law-All joy abandon here. Lo, the law stands-The slayer shall not plead,
Now are they all undone, the ancient laws, Who treads beyond the law with foot impure,
It is thine hour, Apollo-speak the law, And now abide to hear the doom of law.
The law of bloodshed, hear me now ordain. So long as law stands as it stood of old
Uncurbed by law nor curbed by tyranny; I tarry but to claim your law, not knowing
To follow still those laws ordained on high In the law's eye, I stand, without a stain.
But now the laws to which himself appealed, For every action warranty of law,
Debating, if the law would bear thee out. Thy "suppliance," if by right of laws eterne
Unlawful or to hear unlawful words. asserting that she was bound to obey the eternal laws of right
If in defiance of the law we cross Scorn, if thou wilt, the eternal laws of Heaven.