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The elements of Logic, essential to the clear thinking, ordered argument and avoidance
of fallacies in preparing your case in Law.
"Hunt the proposition" for the inconsistencies and contradictions,
Your mendacious adversary will invariably commit them.
Retribution theory  link here shortly  Has the meaning of justice been forgotten? Are the law courts and organs of complaints so steeped in sets of rules as to prevent them from  recognising & applying justice, or does this belie an agenda?  Bureaucracy combines in  large bodies, organisations, and institutions, found predominantly in democracies, (less in dictatorships, which  should not attract negatively characterised associations to exclude  paternal single rulers and monarchies) suffer from the consequence of agenda and template driven procedures. A distanced view of such  methodologies reveals invidious practices that undermine democracy to the point of it’s being a worse system  than centralised management in paternal single or small cerebral groupings.
The combined tendencies of a large employed  workforce, being more disinterested than smaller groupings creates a  dependency on sets of rule structured procedures, stipulating increasingly the maxim, don’t think, follow these rules.  Complaint  procedure rules, like those in court become a pre-determining template that functions like a die through which particulars are forced and extruded where truth, accurate correspondence with reality and other similar concepts suffer. Taking a topological view of the sociological landscape reveals groups of bodies where their well defined frames of reference work to the combining effect of mutual exclusion that gives rise to the general consequences that one body is not empowered to handle problems, and they get shunted around so the complainant gives up in frustration. If he does end up with the relevant institution, he then faces the same problem on a diminished scale,  being his particulars are forced through the template to either qualify or not depending on the person controlling the dialogue. Every  profound  principle at the heart of a small example gets buried under the weight of the template, indifference and a commercial decision. Of course commercial decisions have invariably nothing to do with truth,  honour, integrity or sprit of any law .
FLEXIBLE  application of rules requires noblesse oblige, and unqualified compassion for understanding truth and usually a single cortex capable of balanced judgement devoid of particular vested  interest.
Principles of retribution,  inflexible rules & compromises.
Might’s not right, where argument's not treason,
Treason's his who's Might, supress’ good reason.

Poetry - By Questor'©
Winter V
Bedford Court mansions Ltd.