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Important comment on introduction to propositional logic, the most powerful forms of argument in rebuttal.
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Bernini - The Rape of Proserpina

Force of Destiny

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Logic Law
Fighting illegal motorist parking tickets,
Statutes & Laws

Bernini - The Ecstasy of St. Teresa

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Bill of Rights, Wayne takes on the Clamper's

EXCLUSIVE to this site coming soon, Wayne Pendle v Buckinghamshire County Council

Heading to litigation. Wayne Pendle v Buckinghamshire County Council including NPAS / TPT.
A number of issues have arisen with Buckinghamshire County Council, that affect motorist in general and are of public interest.
Please bookmark this page and return to see the developments that have escalated to the legal department of Buckinghamshire County Council and look like a Judicial Review is now almost unavoidable as the Council refuse point blank to answer legitimate questions, of public interest, ----- the first sign of hiding a fault.
The early letters may be reproduced, since they do not constitute anything that would affect matters that may become sub-judice soon. They are of importance because Wayne Pendle and his colleagues have shown how easy it is to disambiguate template letters full of spin semantics. It is lengthy but very thorough. A lot to be learned from seeing HOW this is done.
Wayne Pendle v Buckinghamshire County Council possibly including NPAS too.
It involves issue with NCP (National Car Parks Ltd), and their sale and change over to NCP Services Ltd, (National Car Parks Services Ltd).
Some 300 signs and line bays are examined for compliance with the law, and there may also be issues concerning Fraud.

Work in Progress.
Main exhibits confirming the Bill of Rights 1688, is still alive,
and the crown is the claimant or at least a party.

This letter contains the presumption of guilt that reverses our UDHR and ECHR presumption of innocence. It is a rebuttable presumption BUT IF you can't prove delivery of the response, the court will rule against you. Word, and TRUST is over.

These two pages explain the Bill of Rights argument as it stands today.

Proof the CROWN is party to the proceedings.

Mr Wayne Pendle





17 August 2007

Dear Mr Pendle

Response to stage one complaint : Reference: 85??

Thank you for taking the time to see me at your property yesterday.

I am now writing in response to your stage one complaint dated 2 August 2007 received by way of an e-mail addressed to Ro.... Paice. I have completed my investigations into this matter, and I set out my findings below.

Issues raised:

  1. Car clamping was implemented despite objections to the scheme and without addressing those concerns.

  1. R.... Kiliaan and D..... Tute failed to inform Mr Pendle of the “proper” complaints procedure.

  1. D..... Tute was aware that PCM were going to clamp your vehicle, despite your objections and colluded with PCM to implement the scheme despite the lack of a majority of residents voting in favour of the scheme.


Overview – There is no specific reference in the Tenancy Agreement to any specific car parking space or parking arrangements for Acorn Close and therefore the actions of Cata.... staff have been taken with a view to imposing regulations for the car parking area in order to prevent:

  • Non-residents parking and carrying out car repair at the parking area adjacent to number 2 Acorn Close.

  • Non-residents parking on both side of the verge of the slip road leading to the estate.

  • Persistent incidents of abandoned and untaxed cars on the estate

  • Incident of unruly and anti social youths driving stolen cars and motor bikes on the estate.

Therefore, the Neighbourhood Manager had sought to resolve these issues by implementing a car parking scheme, which had the full support of the local Police.


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Mr Wayne Pendle

17 August 2007

In response to your specific complaint, I respond to the three key allegations as follows, using the same numbering as above:

  1. I uphold your allegation that Cata..... has implemented the car clamping scheme without addressing residents’ concerns. In accordance with your Tenancy Agreement dated 11 March 1996 and in accordance with the Tenants’ Charter, it is a legal requirement for the Association to undertake reasonable consultation before implementing regulations in respect of land owned by the Association. In this instance, the Association should have allocated 28 days to receive representations from the residents of Acorn Close and taken reasonable steps to ensure feedback from tenants who did not initially respond. The objective should have been to secure a majority of residents’ support, in this case 11 out of 20. If a decision was then taken to implement the car clamping scheme, a full 28 days notice would have been required before any new regulations could be put into operation.

It is my recommendation that the car clamping scheme is immediately suspended and that the consultation process is re-commenced from scratch and a majority of tenants (11 in this instance) sought to implement car parking regulations for Acorn Close. Further discussion will be required with the residents on future plans for the car parking area.

2) I uphold your allegation that R.... Kiliaan and D.... Tute failed to inform you of the “proper” complaints procedure. The letter to Wendy Forsyth of 19 April should, in my view, have been handled as a complaint as it contained allegations of dissatisfaction with policies and procedures as defined by the complaints procedure. As a minimum, the response from D..... Tute should have set out the complaints procedure in the event that you were not satisfied with D.....’s response. I will recommend that the categorisation of contact from residents is discussed with all relevant staff.

3) I cannot reach a conclusion on the allegation that D.... Tute was aware that PCM were going to clamp your vehicle because he is on annual leave and cannot be interviewed within the timescale for response. I believe this is supposition as there is no evidence on file to support any allegation of liaison or collusion with PCM specifically in relation to you. PCM were instructed by Cata.... to operate their standard car clamping scheme in respect of Acorn Close in line with other estates for the benefit of the residents. In this instance, your grievance should be directed at Cata.... in relation to the method of implementation and not at PCM, who are operating in line with their usual procedures.

In summary, I consider that Cata.... has failed to follow the correct process in order to implement the car clamping scheme for Acorn Close and I apologise for any inconvenience you have been caused in this respect.

In recognition of the personal distress that you have been caused in this matter, I have recommended that you are paid the maximum compensation in relation to failure of service of £100, together with reimbursement of the fees you have paid to PCM. If you can provide me with receipts of all sums paid to PCM, I will process the necessary documentation to arrange for a cheque to be sent to you in reimbursement.


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Mr Wayne Pendle

17 August 2007

Finally, I confirm that I handed to you a copy of your Tenancy Agreement dated 11 March 1996, an extract from the Tenants’ Charter and a copy of CCHA’s Complaints leaflet.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of this stage one complaint, as set out above, you can take your complaint further. A stage two complaint can be made if you feel:

  • your complaint has not been dealt with properly,

  • the response set out above is unsatisfactory, or

  • the proposed remedy is inappropriate.

You can make a stage two complaint by completing a complaint form (available on the internet at, writing to, telephoning or visiting our office. You must make your further complaint within three weeks of the date of this letter or we will be unable to deal with it. A stage two complaint will be investigated by a Senior Manager as appropriate.

Yours sincerely

S..... (Mrs)

Acting Customer Services Manager

Direct Dial: (0118) 960....


Wayne takes on the Clamper's
Transcript of a bullying exchange, background coming shortly.

Below is a transcript of a 'conversation' that I had with a 'gentleman' called Ian Cordingley of PCM (UK) Ltd, a clamping firm:
Their website states:
": Can you provide me with quality references ?
A: Yes we are proud of our great track record in the industry for courtesy, understanding and professionalism. We can provide references from current operations as and when required."and "
Q: Do you operate to approved guidelines and directives ?
A: Yes all of our operatives are trained and licensed in accordance with the government backed SIA licensing scheme. We have adopted and stringently adhere to the BPA approved Code of Conduct. We provide an Appeals and Complaints procedure for all our clients and members of the public. Our operations teams are mixed sex in line with our equal opportunities employment philosophy. We are members of the Safe Contractor Health and Safety scheme ."
The 'gentleman' below can be identified as Ian Cordingley, Director of PCM (UK) Ltd
PCM:- "where's the locks"?
me:- "sorry?"
PCM:- "Where's the locks?"
me:- "dunno mate, i don't know what he done with them" inaudible
me:- "No I didn't cut em off"
PCM:- "yes you did"
me:- "No I didn't"
PCM:- "You think you're so fucking clever
PCM:- "If you touch my fucking clamps again, you'll ave all the pikeys round your ouse cos that's what's going to appen ....... alright?
Me "ok"
PCM:- " You touch my clamps again (me: "yeah") and i'll send the pikeys round to see you and you won't fucking like it one little bit clever bollocks
Me "alright"
PCM:- "alright, you understand me
Me " I understand yer"
PCM:- " You fucking better , alright?"
Me " yeah right
PCM:-"got it?"
Me:- " Fuck yeah"
Nice people aren't they?

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