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Is there a book version of The Forest of Rhetoric?
Not yet. A print version of this website is currently under consideration at a major publisher. Want to help persuade them that people would buy and use such a book? Please write to and I'll pass your comments along (Thanks to all those who have written!).

Could you recommend some books on rhetoric?
Yes. There are a lot of great books and sources on rhetoric out there, depending on your needs and interests. See my annotated list of Recommended Reading.

Why can't I find the term _____ on your website?
Rhetoric is a very broad field, and I have restricted this resource to rhetorical terms current from antiquity through the Renaissance. Many important and useful rhetorical terms (such as Kenneth Burke's "dramatism" or rhetorical aspects of contemporary literary theory) do not fall within my parameters.

Do you have suggestions for teaching rhetoric?
Rhetoric is part of many teaching fields: composition, linguistics, grammar, speech, debate, public speaking, New Testament studies, creative writing, etc. I would be happy to share with those interested how I have taught rhetoric within writing courses, literature courses (especially Shakespeare), grammar courses, and history of civilization courses. Write and ask me for my "rhetoric packet" ( This is a short workbook that helps students go through the major terms of rhetoric and selected figures of speech.

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