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Dizzy from spin, look at the S.O.D. (Sound bite / Spin Of the Day)

Comments for fun.

Thu, 29 May 2008

From the terrible spin document below. How can they gain the respect of the public without any moral view at all?

But the Local Government Association said motorists inconvenienced by errant parkers would "at last get justice".

"at last get justice" Surely an errant parker gets penalised, now they call it justice?

OH! The penny's just dropped. It's like Camden, where they say to the motorist, “You were awarded the penalty charge notice”. NO they can't be saying stupid things like that! Of course not, have a look here.

Just Kidding!”

'High standard'

Just kidding!” Sound bite or just a bite at the truth? . Full piece with SOME disambiguation.

CHANNEL 4 News Wed, 28 May 2008 19:48:47
Israeli PM accused of taking bribes. “Denies any wrongdoing.” “Irrelevant thesis! - Ignoratio elenchi.”

That wasn't the question.
Question “ DO YOU DENY taking BRIBES, specifically 15 years totalling £150,000?”
“I Deny any wrongdoing.”

That wasn't the question.
Question “ DO YOU DENY taking BRIBES, specifically 15 years totalling £150,000?”
“I Deny any wrongdoing.”
That wasn't the question. I see the game. Playing a broken record!

BBC news is this really news or some kind of keep things under present continuous never ending optative moods.
Wed, 28 May 2008 11:48:11
BBC live
Fuel Price Summit.
"Govt to announce moves to boost oil production."

Nice one.

Tell the public we ARE to (present continuous) announce......
moves, (with some underlying purpose) to boost production..(perhaps half a percent?).
All this could have been stated; if MEANT, excruciatingly simply as:

Govt boosts production.
That's all that was needed if the intention was to do it without delay, but.

For God's sake don't do that?

We need to get the £2.7 billion back fast before they wake up to inflated prices and of course our windfall in tax revenue.
The alternative suggests nothing will happen until they think it's time, and have had their fill of higher l'awful revenue.
“Strong hints were dropped about concerns the public have”...
Everything gets qualified in never ending visions and promises of purpose that is their best promise breach.
The dustbin semantics we get fed daily.
Clever eh?
Just kidding!
And BTW, ever thought that the influx of east Euro slave trade, isn't the same as the Irish trade union buster policy back in union strike times, to keep wages down. BUT now its nicely wrapped in free movement and rights...

YES. Just kidding again.!

BBC Live Downing Street,Thu, 15 May 2008 12:33:51

We are making right decisions as a government.

'Suppressio veri suggestio falsi'. Omission? ---- “We are also making wrong decisions as government.” Nobody is perfect surely?

PM “Holding regular month news conference.” still listening as below?

We will punish anti-social behaviour.

Would that be all kinds, including embezzlement, and hiding faults, breaching FOI's and managing the tribunals by politicising them?

We will help people through difficult times.

Which people? Might that be the rich who are now richer?”

BBC Live Downing Street, Thu, 15 May 2008 12:10:43

Prime Minister's Briefing

PM: “I am well placed to deal with the economy....”

Still talking while his former assertion was "I am paid to listen".

Nice to be informed the PM is well placed to deal with the economy....

Would be much much nicer if he actually DEALT the economy.... rather than told us of his 'placings', while of course still, talking when paid to listen?

Sat, 3 May 2008  12:47:54

A joke no longer London MAYOR.   Nick Robinson's Newslog

Suggestion for Boris, and (listening?) B.

The promise to deal with congestion and revenue.

Resolve congestion charges, CO2 emissions, and cut a tumour off the body electorate, putting the parasitic divisive plunder force to decent work, by stopping; barking for parking, and chasing stationary vehicles to create CO2, and allow people to be their own judges of whether they can tolerate congestion, by staying away.

By simply raising the tax on petrol, while easing the congestion by encouraging people to stay parked free.

The change over can be adjusted to match precisely the dual easing with the fuel taxing.

Problem, you will need co-operation of someone caught by his own Neuro-Linguistic Programming of others, in the government's PR spin drama, where hardly a minute goes by and someone contradicts what they say almost in the same sentence or paragraph. 

I am paid to listen and lead. (Big B). 

Why is he even speaking then? Listening means being quiet?

Never mind if it is too difficult, 'the next sentence is true', 'the previous sentence is false'. (Liar's paradox).

We need a bill o'frights, and must cut out spin. (on being selected not elected). (Clever B).

Comment. 31, Perhaps it was too toned down?

How can one listen and lead without speaking, how does one speak  and listen, rationally? If he means listen THEN lead and speak, don't you think 12 years in office, is enough to listen? AND everyone told him, he was not wanted, did he listen?

Alas listenting doesn't have its causal relationship with doing, when trained to listen and not 'MARK' . It's like a court hearing. that converts to a sneering and learing, since listening and ignoring is what often takes place. Have a look at the injusticepages and see how children called authority are programmed like to utter factitious irrelevencies, repetitiosly, and all belonging to the phenomena of the abstract so nothing gets actually done. ALL they talk of is, setting up committees, to seek to further the interests of the greater good, lead the world and set out a vision of breached promises. SO long as it is done in a foreign land with the right setting, photo opportunities, and sound-bites, cut off just where they lose impact, it looks like the detritus isn't actually our own. A single abstract reference, perhaps one concrete noun ; that could be an adverb or adjective, that acts as a toutchstone to anxiety complexes and distract attention, while conferring detriments to mental health. All qualifiers overlayed and over played like broken records.

Sound Bite of the day -- S. O. D.

Examining the propositions contained in manufactured assertions. And showing the potential for alternatives to be true simultaneously in affirmations. False emphasis, dropping the critical adverb or adjective and misdirection. Economy of truth, suppressio veri and suggestio falsi.
The classic re-direct, truths told about things out of focus and off topic as if relevant.

Telling a truth, economically; The new standard for truths in section nine statements, that leaves open the potential for false representation.

Truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but..', is best,

While 'Truth and Nothing but..', leaves out the rest.

Law – By Questor ©
A proposition is the literal meaning of an indicative sentence, that can be tested for truth or falsity, in particular on a truth table matrix in the calculus of Logic.

Sound Bite of the day -- S. O. D.
Mon, 5 Mar 2007.

The leak could not have come from number 10 Downing Street because of its inconsistencies.”

Possibly true! (Perhaps Number 11 or 12? Nr 10's waterworks are fine).

Downing Street stated that “the approach to leaks is something we are against”.

Note the two copulas IS and ARE one is in the main clause the other in the subordinate clause.
The first proposition is “the approach to leaks is”

BE SURE you understand the IDEA here. Its' ONLY the APPROACH to leaks, that they are against, not the leaks that are a part of the testing mechanism to opinion. You know, they could have you thinking it was actually the LEAKS .. SEE IT?

The subordinate clause proposition emphasises the predicate; “we are against” , that is predicated of the approach rather than the leaks.

Full potential for not being against the leaks themselves. Do you see?
Truth that leaves out the rest, or truth that's one element of a disjunctive proposition that is infinite in disjuncts. One
disjunct is
sufficient for a proposition to be true.

Tue, 6 Mar 2007.

Cash for Honours.

Levy categorically denies any impropriety”

TRUE! But of no relevance or interest.

NOBODY asked him about IMPROPRIETIES.... OR if somebody DID, then it was to beg the question and LEAD the witness to answer something NOBODY had on their mind, since the ISSUE was Cash for Honours......... Petitio Principii Silly me?

Deny, verb transitive, object impropriety.

Classic misdirection, what should be denied is any relationship between the honours
conferred upon those who provide cash at any time; being simultaneously or one part postponed, for the party.

That is the focus of interest, anything else is 'off piste'. Or turn it around how you wish.

Sun, 22 Jul 2007 CASH for HONOURS.

No 10 honours plot: four new names - Times Online

Text Selection:

No 10 honours plot: four new names David Leppard and Robert Winnett

POLICE investigating the cash for honours scandal seized evidence that Downing Street had plotted to hand peerages to eight of the 12 businessmen who had bankrolled Labour’s 2005 election campaign.

A draft honours list, drawn up in September 2005, showed that the plan to offer peerages to businessmen who had loaned Labour millions of pounds had involved twice as many lenders as previously disclosed.

Scotland Yard discovered that every Labour lender who was eligible for a seat in the House of Lords was initially nominated in lists compiled for Tony Blair by his top aides.

Sir Christopher Evans, the biotechnology entrepreneur, Rod Aldridge, former executive chairman of Capita, Derek Tul-lett, the broker, and Andrew Rosenfeld, chairman of Minerva, were all on an internal Downing Street peerages list. Until now the names of only four lenders – Sir David Garrard, Barry Towns-ley, Chai Patel and Sir Gulam Noon – were known to have been put forward.

Police chief feels heat over inquiry's ending

‘No one to be charged’ over cash for honours

The Sunday Times has also discovered that there was a second key piece of evidence – a diary kept by Evans that allegedly details a series of meetings at the House of Lords in 2004 with Lord Levy, Blair’s chief fundraiser, to discuss a peerage.

One well-placed Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) source said the diary was “dynamite” and provided “spectacular” evidence of an alleged “agreement” for Evans to be ennobled in return for a £1m loan.

Evans’s name was removed from the honours list after Downing Street discovered that his company was the subject of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

A CPS official said that these two pieces of evidence formed the core of the 16-month police investigation, which the Yard believed until recently would lead to charges against key Downing Street aides.

However, the investigation was effectively halted at a meeting on July 4 when a leading government barrister, David Perry QC, ruled that the diary was not admissible as evidence.

Perry also said the police must have evidence of an “unambiguous agreement” showing that the financial backers gave money only on the explicit understanding that they would be honoured in return. The CPS announced last week it would not be charging anyone.

The decision followed a criminal investigation that led to the arrest of Levy and Ruth Turner, Blair’s director of government relations. Blair himself was questioned three times by police.

Government insiders revealed that the police were shocked at the decision not to prosecute. An official said the police and the CPS had worked side by side on the case for 18 months until there was a “sudden change that pulled the plug”.

The official said: “All those eight people gave massive loans, then shortly after they all appeared on No 10’s peerages list. It looked pretty odd, to say the least. Were the Met right to investigate it? Yes, they f****** were.”

Assistant Commissioner John Yates, who led the investigation, is expected to be called this Thursday before the Metropolitan Police Authority, which is reviewing the inquiry. He may be asked to disclose evidence which had led his team and CPS advisers to be so confident.

This is understood to include details of at least three drafts of the working peerage list drawn up by Downing Street aides in September 2005.

Police obtained the document last summer after which Yates told MPs he had uncovered “significant and valuable” evidence not yet in the public domain.

The document revealed that eight people were on an internal peerage list. This was hinted at in the CPS’s formal-document explaining its decision on Friday. It is understood police obtained information on how Levy was involved in supporting names who were to be on the list.

Drafts of the list were then compiled by Turner, John McTernan and Jonathan Pow-ell, Tony Blair’s chief of staff. Detectives also studied e-mails sent during its compilation which referred to the potential nominees’ loans to the party.

The other four who loaned Labour money were ineligible for peerages as they live abroad or had already been ennobled.

Government sources revealed Evans’s diaries were central to the investigation. The Sunday Times has established that there are entries apparently recording discussions between Evans and Levy in 2004. In these meetings, the diaries allegedly explicitly link the offer of a loan to the promise of a peerage. Levy told police he had never made any such offer.

“If those diaries ever get into the public domain, the effect will be spectacular,” said one person who has read them.

Evans’s spokesman said yesterday no such discussion had taken place, adding: “The CPS judgment was crystal clear – there was no evidence of wrongdoing and the CPS explained that in some detail. That is the end of the story.” Nobody is talking of wrongdoing, it's about breaking the law, oh sorry wrong word chosen, so wrongdoing isn't the same class concept as breaking the law. I see.

Evans himself attacked Labour for abandoning him during the inquiry. Asked if the party had been supportive, he told a Sunday newspaper: “The short answer is no,” adding that some in the party considered him and the others “dispensable pawns”.

Sarah Helm, Powell’s wife, described the early morning police raid on Turner during the investigation as “Gestapo tactics. Pick on the vulnerable, preferably a single woman living alone”.

Additional reporting: Holly Watt

Have your say

Diaries inadmissible - a higher form of proof required - evidence of an 'unambiguous agreement'.

It is diffcult not to conclude that the CPS bottled out at the very last minute, a hasty retreat from justice helped in no small way by ex-Treasury barrister David Perry QC.

It will interesting to follow the careers of all the participants in the cash-for-honours inquiry!

Malcolm, Dundee,

Details of a plan to start a private prosecution here:

Bishop Hill, Scotland,

Let the C.P.S. or Scotland Yard - or both - publish in its entirety the investigation and reports the one prepared and the other received thus enabling outside but experienced barristers/solicitors who have both prosecuted and defended in our Crown Courts to evaluate the evidence for themselves and to judge whether the decision not to prosecute by the C.P.S. is justifiable: have they courage so to do?

Karm Arger, Sheerness/Kent, U.K.

Whoever heard of people in circumspection getting together and preparing an

'unambiguous agreement' explicitly stating what has been done with a nod and wink, to be set down in a document and witnessed by a solicitor as a future record of alleged malfeasance?

It's as transparent as the honeymoon being over and wanting an election on the back of it.

Tony, London,

These allegations should have been taken to Court and if not proven at least had a fair hearing from an impartial Judge and Jury.

The only man to come out of this sordid affair with honour and integrity is Yates who, despite total non cooperation from people who should know better, doggedly pursued a trail of smoke and mirrors in pursuit of the truth and finally got shafted by a swift goal post change due to one man's arguable assertion.

philip, Ipswich,

[ However, the investigation was effectively halted at a meeting on July 4 when a leading government barrister, David Perry QC, ruled that the diary was not admissible as evidence.

Perry also said the police must have evidence of an “unambiguous agreement� showing that the financial backers gave money only on the explicit understanding that they would be honoured in return. The CPS announced last week it would not be charging anyone. ]

Whoever heard of people in circumspection, getting together and preparing an

'unambiguous agreement' explicitly stating what has been allegedly done with a nod and wink, to be set down in a document and witnessed by a solicitor a a record of malfeasance?

An antilogism test of the ruling.....

not admissible as evidence. ......must have evidence of an “unambiguous agreement”

The reductio ad absurdum test conclusion is:

A RULE IN FUTURE that people whose conduct is venal and characterised as malfeasant MUST now put their agreements in writing as per contract law, witnessed and recorded so that investigations are not blocked.

Oh Dear! At least that part is unambiguous.

Tony Winter, London,

In my opinion the cash for honours scandal is a whitewash to protect Tony Blair Government. Public should demand a fair investigation.

Munna, London, UK.

it is a cornerstone of the legal system to ensure that evidence submitted is admissable. Perhaps, the "inadmissable" diaries should be submitted to a judge to rule on their inadmissability. I smell cover-up.

At the very least, there should be a public enquiry into this whole sorry saga.

imj, Abu Dhabi, UAE

So the CPS have decided not to pursue the "Loans" matter.Yet I(and I'm sure many readers)have a very uneasy feeling about all of this which just won't go away.What's to be done?

H.Ducker, W.s.Mare, N.Somerset

That which is covered will be uncovered...

H E Torrance, London, Albion

A great relief for Tony- It wouldnt have looked to good on his CV to have been hauled before the Bench, It could have seriously diminished his chances, when applying for the Presidency of Europe...

You also point out in the associated article that Perry was involved in (allegedly) legitimising the case for war in Iraq. Another fine mess he has extracted TB from.

t m j Black, Southampton,

Let's face it, there was never going to be a prosecution unless the evidence was 100% crystal clear. There is no way that the CPS would wish to loose such a case. Ultimately, this will all be used as an excuse for State funding of political parties with the long suffering British people having to pick up the additional taxation.

Peter Hargreaves, Stockport, Cheshire, England

Any further enquiry should be taken from MP,s. I agree with the previous comment. Have this tested in the civil courts where far more information can be placed before the electorate - and not with a public enquiry cover up either. It seems to me that politicians have stopped treating the public with contempt - they now treat us as beneath contempt.

Richard, Newcastle,

it is clear that the police believed that there was widespread corruption. If the CPS is dgoing to retain any credibility over this squalid affair they should publish the information that the police based their case upon and explain more thoroughly why a prosecution was ruled out.

Tim, Stamford, UK

A deterioration in the integrity of our courts? Looks as if the effects of our foreign policy, hand in hand with the USA seems to be filtering into our justice system. Whats next I wonder as the saga continues...

Farrukh, Woking,

I will not be surprised if the executive of the CPS are the recipients of future honours.

Tony G, Harrogate, UK

Quite clearly David Perry is corrupt and if he is not, let him sue me. The crown prosecution service is corrupt as is the government. As far as I am concerned there no longer is arule of law in this country.

Steven Katirai, Ncl / Tyne,

Did they have a list of people to reward, in breach of statutes? Yes. Can that list be produced in Court? Not according to one QC.

No wonder the jails are having to be emptied early when the people who are in jail may have broken laws, but their real mistake was in not appointing the CPS who will one day decide if the PM can be charged.

Is there a correlation between this weasily double speak and low turnouts in elections? You bet your life there is!

Frank Keegan, Alderley Edge,

Industrious though our police were, anybody who thought members of the government would be brought to trial is extraordinarily naive.............

john problem, london,

Initially, those involved in the investigation didn't complain about the police, we now find that they're beginning to attack the police's role.

An allegation was made, the police investigated, whats wrong with that. Terror suspects have to put up, with being investigated, whether they are guilty or not. Are they thinking that they, should be above the law?

The general public knew that it was unlikely to see any prosicutions, but the police din't say they was no evidence, only insufficient evidence!

polly, newcastle,

These few evil thugs have made Britain a State formally ruled by a gang of crooked thugs. Police, CPS, Courts and Executive are no more than mere puppies of the evil politicinas who in the Uk are worse than Hitler.

Vicitm, Lon don, Nazi

The whole affair stank because it became, quite simply, a media witch hunt which the late and unlamented Senator McCarthy would have been proud to join. Let`s be clear there were too many in the press who just wanted to `get at Blair` irrespective of any investigation or reasonable look at the evidence. Now the cry `stinking fish`. Perhaps they should realise that the smell comes from them

phil, market drayton, uk

This decision stinks !

Better for a judge and jury to decide what is admissible.

It is clearly in the interests of justice and the public interest that this matter be aired in a court.

The alternative is that the smell will linger on and those arrested will be for ever tainted with suspicion and denied their opportunity to be found innocent by a jury.

tony cave, london, UK

The CPS have never stated that the suspects had not committed any offences, i.e. were "Not Guilty ."

Just that there was an unrealistic prospect of conviction if prosecutions were undertaken .

There is the difference.

Tony Cocks, Plymouth, UK

What is needed is for a wealthy person to finance a private prosecution and demand all the evidence that the police have by way of a court order if necessary. By pass the CPS and let a jury decide.

Kevin, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The sudden decision by CPS not to pursue a prosecution smells to high Heaven! It is in the public's interest to have ALL documents relating to the investigtation made public. Certainly it would be in the best interests of all concerned. For any to oppose openess would only serve to make them appear guilty.

David Perry QC, ruling that the diary was not admissible as evidence was more than the usual nitpicking that has destroyed the justice system. Ignoring the supporting evidence out of hand makes the CPS appear to be a participant along with others who were under suspicion.

Bob Evans, Anaheim, California

At 7/26/2007 10:56:30 AM the text below was copied from the web document

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | PM wants TV row 'sorted out' fast

Captured Text Selection:

PM wants TV row 'sorted out' fast

Mr Brown spoke about the scandal at Prime Minister's Questions

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he wants the controversy over misleading TV competitions sorted out "quickly".

Mr Brown told the House of Commons he would discuss the recent spate of problems with media regulator Ofcom.

"This is a very serious matter because it affects the confidence that people have in television stations," he said.

GMTV's managing director has resigned, while the BBC has suspended its competitions after some contests were found to have deceived viewers.

Mr Brown told Prime Minister's Questions he would discuss the issue with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as well as Ofcom.

GMTV's Paul Corley said he hoped his departure would restore trust

"It is a matter for these authorities to sort out and they should do it quickly," he said.

Mr Brown's comments came after GMTV boss Paul Corley announced he would be leaving the breakfast television station.

It has been revealed that some entrants to the programme's premium rate phone quizzes had no chance because winners had already been selected.

Mr Corley's resignation was part of a series of measures he said he hoped would help "restore trust" in the company.

Also on Wednesday, Channel 4 announced details of its own "action plan designed to safeguard viewer trust".


Proposals include an "enhanced" training programme for producers and "new protocols" for its promotional materials.

Chief executive Andy Duncan said the channel was taking "appropriate steps, in partnership with our suppliers, to ensure viewers are not misled by our programmes".

He said he hoped the measures would show "how seriously Channel 4 takes the issue of trust and how determined we are to prevent our hard-won relationship with our viewers being undermined by careless or dishonest actions".

The BBC has suspended all contests on TV, radio and interactive services after an inquiry unearthed irregularities with competitions on programmes including Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Earlier this month the company was fined £50,000 for allowing a child visiting the Blue Peter studio to pose as a competition winner on BBC One last November.


The keywords for this analysis are in red.

Fraud and complicity are glozed as controversy and misleading.

One may be forgiven for thinking there was nothing misleading about the face of fraudulent conversion in bad faith payments to winners that are already picked out.

"This is a very serious matter because it affects the confidence.”


This is the spin that was announced on the day of appointment to new office that was to be eliminated.

Look at the reasoning from nature of problem, to reason why it needs to be sorted.

“serious because .. confidence”. THE CAUSE of it being serious is CONFIDENCE, not alas the malfeasance aspects in integrity, lawfulness, due process and fraud that is most likely..

Not serious in itself as delinquency in a code of conduct we all expect and trust blindly.

Isn't this the stuff of “yes prime minister”, but it's not humour surely?

So much for spin being eliminated. So much for malfeasance being misleading.

Thu, 29 May 2008

From the terrible spin document below. How can they gain the respect of the public without any moral view at all?

'High standard'

Sound bite or just a bite at the truth? “Just kidding!”.

Caroline Sheppard, the chief adju-dictator of the new penalties, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the new measures should make it easier for drivers to appeal against penalties.

“should” is a spin-ster keyword to emphasise, it makes the remainder a false representation, under Fraud Act 2006. AT TEC now, an appeal form is so ring fenced there is NO ESCAPE save perjury and prison, inside a ring fence form that cannot be modified – official. Yes it's easier to appeal, (download a ring fenced form) harder to succeed in the appeal.

"There's a very clear appeals process,

Forgot a few words, should read. “RING FENCED and FALLACIOUS“ clear appeals service, leading to a TEC forbidden form P2/P3, “the worst piece of ring fencing that defeats fundamental principles of law”, disambiguation coming soon. Official, confirmed by the exchanegs to be revealed, and enhanced by “irrelevant thesis” with CPR 16.5.

looking at "very carefully".

“looking” is a spin-ster keyword nothing other than this is ever DONE. Go to the looking room!

One of the conditions of the new parking rules is that councils will not be allowed to use parking fines as a way of raising revenue.

Read carefully, THIS IS AN ADMISSION that it has been revenue raising, and the condition has always been there. No need to re-emphasise it, they ignore it. Anyway, parking fines is innaccurate. They are penalties! THEREFORE “will not be allowed to use parking fines as a way of raising revenue. BECOMES “WILL be allowed to use parking penalties as a way of raising revenue.”

Quibble on words do I hear you say?

NO! Judge Price in the county court said to “W”, your application to act as a litigant friend is wrong, it should say litigation friend. “W” asked “Does that mean I am barred from helping in these proceedings? .............. “ I didn't say that”.

W” writes to the court office and asks to change the word litigant to litigation, and the court staff say that's a bit fussy they understood what “W” meant. The reply comes back, Application dismissed...... no reason. Clever?

Moral.....Choosing the wrong word from the same stem, can be fatal, even if both words mean the same thing!

In addition, they will no longer be allowed to set targets for the number of tickets issued.

“targets” is a spin-ster keyword,they changed the name ages ago, to 'baseline performance indicators' meaning – targets'

DO try to get a handle on the spin before we are all dizzy PLEASE

“A rose by another name will smell as sweet.”

“A gloze by any other name will smell deceit.”

New parking rules come into force

Car parked on double yellow lines

Parking fines can no longer be used by councils to raise revenue

New parking regulations have come into force in England and Wales despite concerns over the use of CCTV footage to enforce rules and impose fines.

Varying charges can now be levied - with larger fines for serious offences and lower ones for minor misdemeanours such as overstaying at a parking meter.

The AA said it was concerned that using CCTV footage was unfair on drivers.

But the Local Government Association said motorists inconvenienced by errant parkers would "at last get justice".

'High standard'

Caroline Sheppard, the chief adjudicator of the new penalties, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the new measures should make it easier for drivers to appeal against penalties.

Drivers will be able to have their appeals heard by telephone instead of attending hearings or ask for appeals to be switched to their home town.

However, she said the new rules could make it more difficult for motorists to appeal in certain circumstances, such as when a parking ticket is received several days after an alleged offence.

If someone found an incorrectly-issued ticket on their windscreen they would have their pay and display ticket, or a receipt for a delivery, she said.

We do have to be clear that it is a balance between making sure that traffic can keep moving, but also having a fairer system

COMMENT [ Keep moving, don't park in bays, Wardens give PCN's for Parking Bays to help help ease CO2 revenue e-missions, making sure 'that traffic can keep moving,'. Is it not more correct to say that wardens use them for barking PAY?” It helps create CO2, and then with the money they can join up to carbon trading and help produce more.

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton

"Obviously if you get this through the post then it is going to be more difficult."

But she added that adjudicators would take that into account and it was a matter that she was looking at "very carefully".

Meanwhile, disability charity Mobilise said it is expecting "a flood of calls" from disabled motorists who get parking fines issued by CCTV because they believe cameras will not be able to distinguish whether they are blue-badge holders.

But Transport Minister Rosie Winterton said: "There's a very clear appeals process, so people with a disabled badge would have very clear evidence that they were not contravening the rules."

One of the conditions of the new parking rules is that councils will not be allowed to use parking fines as a way of raising revenue.

In addition, they will no longer be allowed to set targets for the number of tickets issued.

The government is "strongly advising" councils to only use wheel-clamping against those who persistently evade their penalty charges, she added.

Just issuing a fine actually doesn't move the traffic along at all

Barrie Segal

Ms Winterton said the new measures would benefit everyone.

"If people do park selfishly it prevents other people from getting to work, getting to visit family, friends, going to the shops," she told the Today programme.

"It causes congestion and in some instances it can actually prevent emergency vehicles getting to the scenes of accidents.

"We do have to be clear that it is a balance between making sure that traffic can keep moving, but also having a fairer system, which we believe that this is."

CCTV 'delays'

The AA's head of road policy Paul Watters said he broadly welcomed the changes, but was hesitant about the use of CCTV, preferring "real-time" tickets given to drivers or fixed to their cars.

"It does introduce an element of delay, because these things won't land on people's doormats for a few weeks perhaps, so you've forgotten the offence probably," he said.

"It doesn't give you an opportunity to check the signs and lines and make sure everything's in order," he said.

Those selfish individuals who park in main roads out of cities will finally get their comeuppance

David Sparks
Local Government Association

"So we don't want to see authorities going headlong into using CCTV because I think there are problems inherent in that system."

Barrie Segal, founder of - a website which advises drivers on how to challenge penalty fines - told the BBC the new system had fundamental flaws.

"If I were trying to move traffic along and I saw - on a camera - that somebody was parked incorrectly, I'd make sure somebody went along and said 'Would you please move the car?'.

"Just issuing a fine actually doesn't move the traffic along at all, but the government and the local authorities would have us believe that that does."


If you don't want to be fined do not park illegally

Tommo, Hull

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But David Sparks of the Local Government Association defended the changes.

"It'll mean that those selfish individuals who park in main roads out of cities will finally get their comeuppance, and the hundreds of thousands of other motorists who are inconvenienced by them will at last get some justice," he said

"It'll also mean that there'll be the same systems throughout the country and the money raised from any fines will go towards the motorist - ie it'll be spent on roads maintenance, the enforcement system or street lighting."

* Culpability as the function of anticipation and expectation.
* Syllogistic reasoning with either the classic major & minor premises or implied premises.
* The three laws of thought that render judgments irrefutable in any time, world or space.
* Their corresponding verification using matrix truth tables in the calculus of logic.
* Judgments of subsumption and comparison.
* Scientific Methodology and its substrate of necessary and sufficient conditions in nomic relationships.
* Venn Diagrams and class concepts.
* Frege's 'Sense and Reference', and Russel's 'On Denoting'.
* Newtons 1
st law of motion upgraded with the teleology of goal seeking entities, and observations of their employment in what is best described as the function of a goal and the critical path being followed in a course of conduct, that includes the management of personnel on a 'need to know' basis and precision manipulation to permit the parties coming to the front and stating truthfully they are 'NOT AWARE'.
* Widespread use of economy of truth, and false emphasis in the art of 'suppression veri' and 'suggestio falsi'.
* Cloaking assertions in the aforesaid economies of truth, and providing the context that gives them credibility and authority that is fallacious.
* Classic fallacies, plus a new set of fallacies of conduct observed in widespread use, and underpinning 'spin'.

  • References are also made to Heraclitus, theory of flux, Plato's forms, and Aristotle's laws of thought, where the chrono topology of the laws of thought is set outside the framework.
    * And the more objective correspondence theory that is intuitive in Aristotle's definition of Truth as opposed to Russell's that is more subjective.
    * Unambiguous and unequivocal contextual inferencing, a discipline that is not as far as the author can see,
    used widely if at all.
    It has its complexities and relies on aggregates of conjunctive and disjunctive propositions. Probably this is the more difficult to understand, but is was many times, and in a cause in action twice, to absolute precision in a determination, and established as very reliable at a high level in the balance of probabilities. Where possible, these will be explained in short sentences that give greater insight.
    The academia for these expositions are not required by the reader at all, they are stated as references, and will be referred to very briefly. While this all sounds perhaps somewhat pretentious, I shall depose two sentences that are exemplary of two of the disciplines in use here, to show they are most certainly not mere abstractions but that civilisation as we know it relies on them entirely for their efficacy and pragmatic reliability.
    TWO disciplines.

    1. Scientific methodology and the use of necessary and sufficient conditions.

  • Sufficient and necessary conditions.

  • Best expressed as a conditional, easily understood in this simplest of unqualified example.

  • IF there is one simple condition, or nomic relationship for the existence of life, THEN,

  • the presence of oxygen is necessary for life, if and only if the absence of oxygen is sufficient for the absence of life.

  • If there are more conditions, then substitute water for oxygen in the above and you have two conditions or causes.

  • If there are more, one may substitute vitamin D, and observe what happens and discover that where it is absent then rickets occurs and where present it does not, so that has determined a cause of rickets, but not life. These principles are behind medical aetiologies, and all nomic or causal relationships.

    2. Truth and correspondence, theory much easier.

  • To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false,
    while to say of what is that it is, or of what is not that it is not, is true.”